Employment Services

GSP is a non-profit organisation established for the purpose of assisting people with disabilities, injury or a health condition to establish careers of their choosing in open employment.

At GSP our approach focuses on a person's strengths rather than weaknesses.

Work practices focus on assisting community members to obtain and maintain employment. The development, implementation and monitoring of work practices is achieved through consultation with employees, participants, worker, their families, employers and other stakeholders. Ultimately, service delivery is dependent on funding from external sources, primarily the Federal Government.


  • Participants are treated with dignity, empowered and play an active role in their own career development and the service that GSP delivers.
  • Support is provided to meet employment goals based on individual needs.
  • Any vacancy focuses on the ability of the employee and the benefits sought by the employers and the wider community.
  • Particpants receive the same respect and working conditions as those expected and enjoyed by the general workforce

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