GSP Workforce Community

Families have found hope as their loved ones learn how to go out into the community, becoming valued citizens who can contribute. They are able to integrate with others, build relationships and learn how to manage their own finances.

The benefits to individuals, family and community have been enormous. Workers have been supported to develop strategies to enable them to work and improve their productivity. Increased confidence has resulted in ability to interact with others at work and in the wider community.

Additionally GSP WF has helped to reduce the cost of welfare benefits to the community through paying wages and also broken down barriers by integrating people with disabilities into worksites and the wider community.

Helping younger people to develop an awareness about disabilities through employing them alongside someone with a disability can result in our future employers being open minded and able to provide more opportunities for people with a disability.

GSP WF has improved the profile of people with a disability in the community through securing high profile contracts like the Woolworths trolley collection service.

Through these practices we are able to break down systemic prejudices in employment processes and systems, by lobbying representatives of the government about inconsistencies for youth in the supported wage system and reducing minimum shift periods in some awards that restrict people with a disability.