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Job Seeker Feedback

This is what some of our Jobseekers had to say:

  • Represented me when I had problems with Centrelink that caused me anxiety. Made me feel that help with things that trigger anxiety was available via a phone call

  • Explaining and making sure I understand GSP dosen't push you into any old job, they help you get the job you are interested in doing and help you get any necessary training. They give you on the job back up support

  • The approachability of all staff to your clients. We walk in and feel welcome. When you have the types of lives we experience the hardest thing to do sometimes is to walk through a fear - walk through a door, you guys really break down that wall

  • Inform people as to reasons behind decisions which have an effect on their jobs

  • Very good work - well done

  • Prepare me for the interview, settled me into the job, and helped me with the application

  • Came to the interview, gave me confidence

  • They like to help me stay happy in my job and are very supportive

  • Stood by me, mentored me through my inadequacies, enabled me to regain confidence, listened but did not solve my problems - enabled me, set up other support systems, great resume/ counselling service

  • Dedication and commitment to help me achieve my goal (employment) has been outstanding

  • Hi Michael currently in Centrelink. I've been offered a full time job by my friends after showing them my trading results which I've decided to accept, this means I won't be applying for the ag school job
    although I had intended to. I just wanted to thankyou for everything you've done for me. When I was sick and things could have become a real nightmare for me you pulled me through and I even came to enjoy our meetings. :)

  • GSP has provided excellent service in helping gaining employment and or study. I've found Anne to be super efficient and helpful in going the extra mile. Always friendly & bubbly!! They are always willing to help you achieve your goals. Welcoming with a smile which is nice.

  • I just wanted to say thanks for being there for me and supporting me in every way possible. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for you. This job has given me so much motivation to go out and get the things I want. I now go to the gym, meditate, yoga, draw. So once again thank you Michaela :-)

  • Tina has been absolutely fantastic - I am going through a really hard time atm - Tina offers support over and beyond what I would have expected from a Job Agency - thank you for caring