Zoe's Story

Zoe registered with GSP Albany in April 2017.  Zoe has considerable barriers to maintaining employment including physical limitations and lack of transport.

Zoe had a casual cleaning position with a local motel, after injuring herself at work she was forced to have time off this affected her financially and emotionally as she struggled to support herself on her NSA.

Once Zoe’s back had improved she advised the employer she could return to work, her employer advised her they had no shifts for her at that time and shortly after told Zoe she was to much of a liability for their business.

GSP immediately started to look for alternative employment for Zoe and managed to get her an opportunity as a Bus Warden with Loves Bus Services. This  position provides her with 15 hours a week of non physical employment and the  primary school she works at is less than a 5 min walk from where she lives.

Zoe is really happy with her new role and  has thanked the GSP team for all their help. Her employer is also really happy with Zoe and her work.

Zoe 2017.JPG