Michael's Story

Michael joined GSP in August 2017 and due to his previous employment positions and experience, Michael and EC worked together looking into support worker roles. Michael had mentioned that he occasionally buys/sells antiques. Michael is an avid fisherman and also enjoys travelling and the beach.

EC and Michael attempted to gain roles within the community support sector, with very little success. Shortly after, Michael identified the job at Mister Money as a sales assistant. As it is a second-hand store Michael identified that it would be a good opportunity to use the knowledge he has regarding antiques and fishing, within the shop environment.

Michael and EC went through the requirements of the position updating his resume to reflect his customer service experience. Following this, we approached Mister Money’s manager Mick Whittingthstall giving him a copy of his resume. Mick was impressed with Michael’s knowledge and both spoke at length with Mick giving Michael a rough idea of his expectations and the needs of the position.

Shortly after, Michael was offered the position of Part Time Sales Assistant. Michael was extremely happy and is now working 24+ hours a week, suiting him perfectly. Michael commented that this not only restored his confidence in gaining meaningful employment, but this employment has opened more doors which he felt were previously closed to him.

Michael 2017.jpg