Kim's Story

Kim has been a long term, valued client to Great Southern Personnel, starting employment with GSP Workforce in 1995, gardening for our ECU and CSBP sites. In 1997 Kim moved into trolley collection under workforce at our Woolworths Lockyer Avenue site where he continued to show his dedication and reliability to his work. At the beginning of 2016 Kim decided that after 19yrs of working in the outdoors he would like to try his hand at something new. Kim met with his Employment Consultant Siobhain and together they made a goal to have Kim in new employment, preferably in retail, by December.

Kim and Siobhain set about meeting on a regular basis discussing his interests and what kind of work he’d ideally like to do. As Kim has a natural love for animals (having numerous birds and a cat at home) they decided on trying to get him work where he could be around them regularly. In July Siobhain approached Allie at Head To Tail Pets to talk about Kim and discussed the option of him trialling work in their store.  After a bit of negotiating and a meeting with Kim, Head to Tail Pets offered employment in August of 8hrs a week. Kim’s initial duties were to clean the animal pens at the back of the store, handle any pets so they became comfortable with being touched and vacuuming the store. Kim has now been with Head To Tail Pets for 6 months and his hours have been increased to 3 shifts a week, working every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8-12. In addition to his new  hours Kim’s duties have also changed and he is now responsible for the care of all the birds (and birdcages) in the store, assisting with unloading trucks and maintaining stock and store presentation (oh and he still has to vacuum the store). Much to the disappointment of Workforce Kim has now resigned his long term employment as a trolley collector and has now become a popular, well-liked and ongoing addition to the team at Head to Tail Pets 4 months before the end of his goal deadline!


Kim Frater has been working with us at Head to Tail Pets for  12 months now, and in that time he has really come out of his shell. He relates well with all the staff here, and appears to get a lot of enjoyment out of his work.

He pays special attention to the health and wellbeing of the birds, which is his main area of work, ensuring they are cleaned, fed and looking happy and healthy. In recent weeks especially, he has taken it on board to report any health concerns, and issues with the birds ensuring that their wellbeing is always his top priority.

He does a fantastic job around the shop, and is a valued member of our team” Allie J