Matt's Story



The PaTH Internship initiative was announced in the 2016 budget, designed as a way to get young unemployed people into job training and work experience programs, with a view to getting them off welfare and into paid employment.  A PaTH internship is a supervised work experience opportunity to see if a young person is the right fit for a job in your business.  The program seeks to encourage jobseekers under 25 to take part in 4-12 week internships by paying them $200 a fortnight on top of dole payments and giving employers $1000 up front.  Since the program began on April 1, slightly more than 1000 young people have started internships and 200 have ongoing jobs.

 Charlene, Yogi and Matt

Charlene, Yogi and Matt


GSP Denmark (Disability Employment Provider) in conjunction South Coast Stock Feeds and Matt are working together to maximise the opportunity that the PaTH Internship provides.

Matt has been a client of GSP for the past 2 years. Matt has had a couple of casual jobs but nothing consistent. Matt’s confidence and anxiety levels were beginning to affect him in a negative way, and then came a long PaTH Internships.

Employment Consultant, Michaela discussed this with Matt and he was very interested and was soon placed at South Coast Stock Feeds, Denmark. Matt met with the owners Charlene and Gavin ( “Yogi” as he likes to be called ), and after a short interview commenced his Internship.

Matt is there 5 days per week for 3 hours a day.

The change in Matt has been immense, his confidence has risen, and he is smiling and does not shy away from others. A lot of this change is due to “Yogi” and the way he has been with Matt and teaching him that he “Can’t make a mistake, it’s always a lesson”.

Yogi has told EC that he is hoping to be in a position to offer Matt paid employment at the end of the Internship as he is a young man that he would be happy to employ.