Tarkyn's Journey

2015 was a big year for me. In February, I became a Bible-believing Christian, and within a few weeks was persecuted for my faith for the first time. I had started studying an online course- a diploma in video game design, just to get my employment agency off my back. I had such difficulty searching and applying for jobs after 5 years of failed tertiary education, so I didn’t know what else to do. Later on, something unexpected was set to happen.


I was with my mum, shopping in Harvey Norman for a new refrigerator for my mum, as our old one had retired after a long life of work. Suddenly, I got a call from an unknown number. Normally, I would ignore this kind of thing, due to extreme and uncomfortable anxiety that I had about talking to (especially) new people over the phone. But all of my anxiety had been washed away in February, so I curiously answered the phone: "Hello?"

It turns out that it was some person from the government. They never declared where they were from, but they asked me how I was finding the employment agency which I was at. I had told them that they weren’t at all helping me at all, and in fact, they had been treating me unpleasantly, and also blaming me for it!

After the discussion, I was thanked for my feedback, and that was that. A few weeks later, I was contacted by Great Southern Personnel, who I had scarcely heard of before. They wanted to arrange an appointment. I didn’t understand this at first, but I thought back to that mysterious phone call I had received in Harvey Norman. So this is how I came to be involved with GSP.

From the first moment, I was treated with care and honesty. It was a refreshing change to what I had come accustomed to. Very soon I was offered the opportunity for a position on the GSP Workforce Trolley Collection team, which I was accepted for. After being on the team for a while, the Trolley Supervisor, Graham, had after observation, noted that I would be apt to train as a Trolley Supervisor. I took on the responsibility, and it was a joy and a challenge, and an honour to be given the task of watching over others for their benefit, and the benefit of the team of GSP Workforce.


Over the course of the two years I have been with GSP, the Employment Coordinators I’ve had have been very helpful and encouraging; you can tell that they have a genuine interest in supporting you in your employment journey. Thanks Ken, Lee, and Anne.

Most recently, it was Anne who presented me with the program at Great Southern Employment Development Committee (GSEDC), called Young Harvest. It is a program engaging young people in social enterprises, the first two of which being garlic farming, and bee keeping. I was very privileged to see the whole of the bee keeping (apiarian) aspect of the program, from start to finish.


The bee keeping started with assembling the hives from scratch, to choosing apiary sites, to maintaining hive colony health, to eventually harvesting (extracting) the honey, and finally selling it as a product. This is the goal at Young Harvest: to start a product from the base materials, and see it through all the way to sales. I’d like to thank Shelley, our bee mentor, at SKK Honey, for all of her guidance and training in producing raw and unprocessed honey from our local area.

Finally, my journey (as I know it) at Young Harvest has come to an end. However, I have been selected to be a part of a new program at GSEDC, Get Your Game Off, set to educate school-aged people about the affects of, and remedies, to video game addiction. Keep an eye out for it, along with the Young Harvest branded garlic and honey - which you can also find as part of the Lime 303 and Hybla menus.

Many thanks to each member of the team both at Young Harvest and at Great Southern Personnel. You are all working, making a lasting impact on the community, and the lives of each person participating in your business.

And as the Book says;

"He that oppresseth the poor reproacheth his Maker: but he that honoureth him hath mercy on the poor."


Thanks for reading.