A Rosey Future

The Employment Coordinator met with Rose on the 9th of  September 2015 in Manjimup during an initial interview to register her for services with GSP - Bunbury branch.  

It was easy to like the feisty 54 year old who began to tell the details of her journey to date.  

Rose conveyed how she'd lived like a recluse for 9 years after becoming housebound due to obesity and had soon began to deal with the onset of health problems associated with her weight to include depression.  

In 2011 Rose went through surgery as the weight she'd been carrying impacted her knee.  

When gastric sleeving was offered in 2014 Rose didn't hesitate to accept the opportunity and so her transformation was to begin. Even with a stomach infection after the surgery Rose hit the gym only 4 weeks later.  In two years Rose was to lose half her body mass a total of 75 kilos.  When I met with Rose she appeared agile, active, upbeat and into working- out at the gym, a complete turnaround from her former self.  

Rose also had corrective shoulder surgery in 2015 and soon after returned to the gym.  

Although Rose was still coming to terms with psychological scars from her former life she realised there was only one thing missing, employment. 

With her Employment Coordinators assistance Rose has turned her life around and is now working her benchmark hours with two job in her hometown of Pemberton. She is working at the local gym kitchen as a waitress, and at her local IGA doing night fill. 

Rose enjoys quality time with her grandchildren and husband and she attributes her reason for being here today and the determination she had to call upon to take control of her life to her family. 

 “it was one small step at a time that got me where I am today.”