About Great Southern Personnel

GSP are the only locally based Disability Employment Service Provider with local and qualified staff that know and understand the area, we provide specialist help for people with disability, injury or a health condition who require support to find and maintain sustainable employment

GSP have been delivering Disability Employment Services within the Great Southern for the past 23 years. We recently tendered and were successful in gaining the contract to continue servicing the Great Southern Region until 2018.

Great Southern Personnel

Assisting people with a disability, illness or health condition to gain and maintain employment through matching, on-job-support and training

Disability Services Standard

All Disability Employment Service Providers are funded by the Commonwealth government and are required to meet the national Disability Service Standards.

The Disability Service Standards are:

1. Rights: The Service promotes individual rights to freedom of expression, self-determination and decision-making and actively prevents abuse, harm, neglect and violence.

2. Participation and inclusion: The service works with individuals and families, friends, and carers to promote opportunities for meaningful participation and active inclusion in society.

3. Individual Outcomes : Services and supports are assessed, planned and reviewed to build on individual strenghs and enable individuals to reach their goals

4. Feedback and Complaints : Regular feedback is sought and used to inform individual and organisation-wide service reviews and improvement.

5. Service Access : The service manages access, commencement and leaving a service in a transparent, fair, equal and responsive way.

6. Service Management : The service has effective and accountable service management and leadership to maximise outcomes for individuals.

These standards ensure that GSP's services are consistent with the principles and objectives of the Disability Services Act. GSP must meet these standards and have written policies and procedures that address each standard. These policies guide GSP in providing it's services and guide the decisions that GSP make.